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The benefit of seeking someone's help is that it brings you support and facilitates in building resilience against stress. This is important whether you have a small problem to solve or you are making a significant life change. Individuals seeking coaching may experience momentary stress or "stuckness" in setting and attaining goals. Or, they may be interested in creating a holistic approach to their way of life and seek support and accountability in making progress towards this. 

As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the licensed Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I completed a one year-long didactic and hands-on program in functional wellness training so that I could further support clients in creating healthier habits in health-related domains. In conjunction with this training, I use evidence-based Acceptance and Commitment and Cognitive Behavioral coaching strategies, which help me to focus on the primary aspects of behavior change. By helping you to notice your patterns and increase your flexibility in the ways in which you choose particular behaviors, you are better equipped to purposefully move toward your values-driven, integrative goals. 

Clients who benefit from coaching versus psychological treatment are: those without a diagnosed psychiatric disorder or  behavioral/emotional dysfunction; those who are not in crisis or presently affected by clinically traumatic events; or those who do have characterological issues that hurt themselves or others. Coaching uses accountability to increase motivation, healthy lifestyle habits, confidence, and communication. Coaching is very time limited. During our consultation call and initial sessions, I will be assessing whether coaching is appropriate for your needs, or if traditional psychotherapy is clinically indicated and therefore recommended.

Evidence-based Coaching/Consultation: Services
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