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A Happier, Healthier You

I have a particular interest in treating emerging and early adults. My doctoral dissertation focused on the "Quarterlife Crisis" phenomenon and contributors to life satisfaction during this era. While my dissertation was written over 15 years ago, this phase of life is still marked with much change, sometimes chaos, and challenges in coping well. Whether you are a college student, navigating early career or graduate training, dating or contemplating relationship commitment, or on the path of parenthood, the 20's and 30's are an important developmental period for personal growth. I strive to help you develop skills to enhance and maintain psychological wellbeing, and to commit action towards your values. Cutting-edge cognitive-behavioral therapies and and mindfulness strategies are extremely effective in addressing the issues that young adults face.

For College Students: Telepsychology has been a useful means for continuity of care. Many of my clients have started working with me while attending college, whether in schools across Colorado, or the nation, and they find that meeting online allows for flexibility and consistency, as well as confidentiality. A thorough clinical assessment will be made to determine the appropriateness of this modality.

Areas of Focus include:







Financial Wellness

Relationships- social and intimate partner


Career exploration

Academic and Career Performance


Parenting Skills

Early Adults: Service
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