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For clinical providers, professionals, and trainees

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As Psychologists, we are continuously learning, developing, and growing our skills. I am passionate about training and working with new Psychologists as they build and hone their skills. I have offered clinical supervision & professional development mentorship to trainees at the masters', predoctoral, and postdoctoral level for over 10 years in academic, medical center, and private practice sectors. I served 10 years as core Training Faculty and a selected Training Committee Member for the predoctoral Internship Training Program at the Denver VAMC and for the Advanced Psychology Fellowship Program at the Rocky Mountain Mental Illness Research, Education, and Clinical Center (RM MIRECC). I also served as Training Director of the Advanced Psychology Fellowship Program at the RM MIRECC for five years. 

I provide professional mentorship and clinical supervision for persons in private practice working towards psychologist licensure in the State of Colorado. In formal clinical supervision, you can expect a collaborative, developmentally appropriate supervisory process that will encourage your clinical autonomy and growth. 

Please contact me for a brief consultation regarding requirements, supervisory relationship fit, and my clinical supervision fees. Options may be available for group supervision and tele-supervision in accordance with the Colorado State Board of Psychologist Examiners.

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If you are a licensed independent provider seeking consultation regarding psychotherapy cases, psychological evaluations, or safety risk assessment and management, I can assist. I provide peer-to-peer consultation with providers interested in conceptualizing/implementing ACT, CBT, and mindfulness in their treatment plans as well as thorough and ongoing risk assessment and management in therapy. I also offer consultation in psychological assessment screening & assessment and interpretative reports.

As a clinical researcher with a primary focus on treatment development and implementation, treatment outcomes, and best practices, I also have the expertise to provide consultation to organizations and private practices in the Denver Metro area regarding treatment program planning and program evaluation. I have previously worked with a large metro area agency on implementing outcome measures to evaluate program- and system-level measurement based care.

If you are a non-clinical professional interested in psychological consultation for legal (e.g., expert witness testimony) or other professional matters, please contact me for a free informational call to determine availability and fit.

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For the last twenty years, I have made it a priority to disseminate information about the practice of psychology to a wide variety of audiences. I have taught clinical trainings to small groups, spoken to national audiences about innovative tools and strategies for mental health and co-occurring physical conditions, and presented on educational and research findings to federal and international entities. If you or your organization are interested in incorporating training in psychological flexibility, behavioral health, or self-care, please connect with me about options for topics and seminars/workshops. Fees vary dependent on scope of training requested.

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